Friday, September 23, 2016

Improvement but Not 100% Yet

Riley Beans began acting more like his old self last night after several weeks of being practically invisible, not eating well and not drinking water. We put him on a grain free diet, wet food, limited dry food and are offering him a second source of water apart from the bowl near his food dish. He even amazed me this evening and let me groom him with a brush I found in the desk drawer that had probably belonged to Jason back in 2006. Beans has never sat still to be brushed before so I was pretty amazed when he allowed me to groom him head to tip of his tail, and even his belly fur!

His vet, Dr. Moss called to check on him today. Although he is eating and drinking fluids again, he has not had a bowel movement in two days, so she said to keep an eye on him and bring him in on Monday to be reassessed if nothing is happening in the litter box.

So, while he's acting like his old self and seems happy, he still has intestinal issues. Keeping our fingers crossed his new feeding and watering regiment will help, plus the Laxatone every other day to move the hairballs through his digestive system.

Meanwhile, after a warmer than expected day a cool front has moved in with gusty breezes! Feels good! Will be an awesome sleeping night!

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