Thursday, March 16, 2017


As of last night I was the only local author signed up for this event here in Westfield.
     Last year was the very first Articulture event which brought together local musicians, singers, bands, local oil and acrylic artists, talented local photographers and local authors for one day long event to celebrate the arts and culture in this small city at the gateway to the Berkshires.
     This will be the second such event and is currently in the planning and organizational phaser, sailing along toward the April 22nd, 2017 event date. Plenty of musical talent has signed up, and many artists and photographers are returning. What's lacking is the local writing talent.
     I got home from the meeting last night and immediately reached out to a few authors in my circle of writer friends. I have a few more in mind, but no contact info, so will have to put a bug in the local indie bookstore owner's ear. She's always hosting local authors at the store for events, so she should know how to contact them!
     I'm excited about this year's event. Last year I kind of squeaked in with the authors. I had only been self-publishing for about nine months at the time, but had a bunch of books in print from a flurry of activity trying to put as much into print as I could to clear up space in my dining room. I'm better at self publishing now, and have a book that has been shortlisted for a book award. I've grown as an author, have adjusted to being a more public figure. I'm more comfortable with who and what I am so should be more relaxed this year!
    I also enjoyed being able to walk around and look at all the fabulous art and photography on display, and to meet all the artists and photographers. We could also hear the live music upstairs throughout the entire day! It was great to meet so many members of the community. I had worked downtown for 13-14 years and met a lot of people then so there were some familiar faces passing through. There will probably be many more this year!
     Just over a month to event date!!

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