Friday, March 31, 2017

Black King Takes White Queen April 1st

Tomorrow the five finalists and grand prize winner of the OZMA book Award will be announced at CAC17. Black King Takes White Queen made it to the short list, so I'm anxiously waiting to see if it advanced. It's one of my favorite books that I've written because there is a lot of family dynamics involved, plus friendships and family secrets being revealed, all happening around a young woman who has lived a quiet, carefree life until the night her older sister's boyfriend wakens her to come and rescue him after he's been attacked by the demon that has just killed his father, sent to the house by his evil witch, power hungry sister This sets Ivy on a path of self discovery. It seems certain people have known who and what she is right along, but have never spoken of it to her. And now she finds she is a Queen- but being Queen changes her life in ways she never imagined, bringing her both joy and heartache as she follows the path she is destined to blaze into the future at the side of the King who will change their world with her help.

My fingers are crossed.

Black Knight, White Rook continues Ivy's journey as she fights to save her beloved King, herself, their family and friends, but most importantly, their young son from a truly evil wizard, who happens to have married Ivy's older sister.

A third book in the series is in the planning stage.

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