Sunday, March 12, 2017

Revised Thinking

Since finishing getting Out ready for self publishing I have bought and looked through the Writer's Digest Short Stories & Novel Writer's 2017 Market book-and I've found a publisher that ONLY deals with vampire novels that do not exploit the genre but treat it intelligently and accordingly. Well...I may hold off on self publishing Out and give them a whack at it. I've been told often enough I'm a terrific main issues are I do not trust agents and I am not very good at self promotion as I have always lived my life quietly (probably not a lifestyle conducive to making a name for myself by any means, but I've also had to earn my own living because I have an expensive hobby my husband had no interest in supporting).

So, I will hold off on putting Out out there in the marketplace until I submit it to this publisher and see what happens with it.

Meanwhile, I've moved on to project number 2 from the dining room table- Rookdale, another witch novel, this one set on the coast of Maine in a small seacoast village dealing with an old feud, righting ancient wrongs. Have been reading what's written of it so far. Some revisions needed but overall it's good and shouldn't take me forever to polish it up and finish writing it.

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