Monday, March 20, 2017

Miss Peculiar's Ghost Stories Coming Soon!

I was feeling rather unproductive this past weekend- felt like I hadn't been accomplishing anything.

Poking around on the kitchen table I found a list of 16 ghost stories I've written. Several of them appear in various Miss Peculiar's Haunting Tales books, but a number of them were written exclusively for Ghost Story LIVE! events at Blue Umbrella Books, and one was a Christmas story with a ghost from two years ago that hasn't yet been published anywhere (it will go in a future Christmas stories volume when I have enough new holiday stories written.)

So last night about 7:30PM I plugged in the USB and pulled out the various stories. Then using a copy of 13 which had a couple of the stories in it already, I revamped the file removing non-ghost stories and pugging in new ghost stories and the other ghost stories scavenged from Miss Peculiar's Haunting Tales (which really don't have many ghost stories in them).

By 11:30PM last night I had put the finishing touches on this brand spanking new Miss Peculiar's Ghost Stories, Volume I and tonight it's ready for me to order a proof copy. Not bad for four hours of arduous labor at the kitchen table. By arduous I mean I had spacing issues because some of the stories were older when I really didn't have a clue what I was doing in Word. I designed a suitably eerie cover with black as the background and purple font, and a picture that looks like the inside of a haunted room.

By the time I crawled into bed last night I felt more satisfied with myself- I had a new book in the works!

Since it's exclusively ghost stories it's official launch date won't be until this coming fall, closer to Halloween- but whoever reads this blog will be able to sneak onto Amazon and buy it well in advance! I'll just post something along the lines of "It's available!" once the final proofreading and edits are done and the book gets my final approval.

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