Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Another Book in Development Stage

Well, last night before bed, while all keyed up with Kelly flying out of Boston to Portugal for a two-week vacation, with her best friend Bethany and Bethany's Mom, at 10:15PM, I sat in the kitchen and looked through my notebook of story titles and genres and decided to put together a volume of romance stories. Time to steer away from the supernatural, although Kelly wants me to self publish Talon: An Intimate Familiarity still.  I will, maybe before the end of the year. The three Christmas story volumes need to be the focus of my attention next, after Love Me Knots, which is the title of the next book I'll be self-publishing in the near future, after a major proofreading and editing marathon.

In this new book will be 4 novelettes and 1 novella- Stage Stop, Sweetheart Lake, Making the Right Choice, Flintlock & Scalpel and Not Always Black and White. The characters of Rex Royce and Lucie Palmer from the previously self-published novel The Subtlety of Black and White reappear in Not Always Black and White.  In this novelette I explored what might have happened if Rex and Lucie had broken up due to all the stress they had been under at the gallery.  Lucie has moved on and become a photojournalist, living at Sweetheart Lake, while Rex remains at his gallery, Perspectives, at Whisper Lake. Royce suddenly appears on her doorstep one afternoon to offer her a chance to exhibit her photography at his gallery. He has been following her new career, and as Lucie considers his offer, which she at first declines, she realizes that her feelings for him have not changed, and his for her have not either. It's a somewhat rocky road back into a relationship that ended because of Lucie's youthfulness and misunderstandings on both their parts. Ultimately, they find their renewed relationship is exactly what they both want and need.

My family and friends tell me that I write sweet romance stories that make them feel good. I hope that's true!

Had texts and photos from Bethany (she has the international cellphone plan on her phone) from Logan Airport last night and a taxi in Lisbon, Portugal this morning. Just had another text that they are at Bethany's grandmother's home and have eaten lunch. I can relax now that they are safely at their destination as they begin their two week vacation in what we have heard is a beautiful country. I can't wait to see all the pictures Kelly will bring home on her new camera!

Off to make some book deliveries to my sister and brother this afternoon, then a road trip with my friend Darlene this evening. John has a birthday coming up next week. Hope to find him something interesting tonight in New Haven, CT at IKEA. He loves to cook!

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