Friday, July 31, 2015

Some of My Favorite...Authors!

Okay...who do I like to read?

I actually have a little black hard cover pocket notebook in which I keep a page for each of my favorite authors with a list of their books that I own. I also keep track of their upcoming new books, publication dates and whether or not I've pre-ordered them because it I don't keep notes I tend to buy them two or three times! I'm either very forgetful, or very enthusiastic about the authors I follow and love!

Here's the short list-

Darynda Jones  (if you aren't familiar with Charley, Reyes and Cookie SHAME ON YOU!)
Victoria Thompson (Gaslight Mysteries)
Amanda Stevens  (Graveyard series)
Jonathan L. Howard  (Johannes Cabal, the Goon Squad serial, etc.)
Alan Bradley  (Flavia de Luce series)
Linda Castillo
Christina Trent
Kylie Logan
Andrew Martin  (railway books)
Sarah Graves
Carol McLeary
Jennie Bentley
Stefanie Pintoff
Clause Izner
Casey Daniels
C.S. Harris (Sebastian St. Cyr)
Kevin Hearne  (Iron Druid series)
Judy Clemens  (Grim Reaper series)
Tessa Harris
Charles Palliser
Charlotte MacLeod
Charles Dickens
Victor Hugo
Anne Perry
and probably a whole lot Nook is dead as a doornail at the moment. Half my library resides there.  The other half is scattered all over the house in various piles.

Who has influenced me the most as a writer? 

I really can't answer that. I honestly don't know.

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