Friday, July 31, 2015

My Magical Life

I have started a major overhaul of My Magical Life to eradicate comma issues- commas being the current bane of my existence. I know they're useful. I know they're necessary. But I can't be bothered with inserting them where they belong when I'm writing, therefore, I must drag the ball and chain of good basic punctuation usage around one last time on this one. Tweaking the text a bit too to make it flow more smoothly in places. 86 pages into the 256 page project.

The reward at the end of this long row I'm hoeing is Love Me Knots which is in development. I love my little romance stories, and so do a lot of my circle of friends who read them. Therefore, it's time to start putting together a few volumes of these stories.

Kelly seems to be enjoying her Portugal vacation. Had a picture of her in my text messages, holding a humongous pine cone!

This is the last weekend of the National Button Society show/convention in Manchester, NH.  Wish I could have gone, but it's difficult for me to walk on hills, and stand on my feet for hours and hours. RA has sucked the fun out of my life at the moment. Hurts to walk and stand a lot but I'm not so bad that I need an assistive device or wheelchair, so it's limiting and frustrating. I still keep working, hauling heavy charts around...I'm not going down easily, that's for sure!

Anyway...going to go back to My Magical Life in a more post to follow- a brief one!

Have a great weekend!

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