Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Portugal & Resolution

Today Kelly is leaving for a two-week vacation in Portugal with her former college roommate and Bethany's mother. They'll be flying out of Logan tonight for the overnight flight to Lisbon. She's nervous and so am I- this is her first international flight, the first time she's off to a foreign country. I know she'll be fine staying with Bethany's grandmother, seeing all the beautiful sights- it's just hard to let her go, and that's rather selfish of me. Will be dealing with all this today.

Finally finished the final proofreading and edit of Miss Peculiar's Haunting Tales, Volume II last night. Uploaded the new and improved file this morning. Tonight I should be able to okay it and get it on the market. I changed the cover color from yellow-orange to pumpkin. I really do not like the color gold, although that's the background color for Halloween Story and it works for that.

Kelly is taking a full set of seven books to Bethany today. Bethany is also a writer and has a novel we downloaded and will be helping her edit and proofread after Kelly's vacation.

I talked to my sister last night about a variety of things. She has a very enthusiastic friend who will help promote my books. I need to add Halloween Story to the flyer Kelly started.  Will need to add the info that books are available on Amazon.com and can also be purchased directly from me using PayPal, or by sending me a check in the mail- will have to work all that out as far as adding shipping and handling to the cost of the book. If books are purchased directly through me I may be able to give a discount.

Well- have to go say goodbye and safe journey to my daughter, then go to work.  At least I feel as though I've accomplished something during the chaos here getting her ready to travel!!

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