Thursday, July 16, 2015

I Am Who I Am

After some deep soul-searching I have decided to self-publish under my own name.  I am who I am, after all.

I am using to self-publish a number of novels and story collections.  The books I create will be available on  I started working on CreateSace on May 31st, without having a clue what I was doing.  It has been an adventure and one heck of a learning experience over the past month and a half, but I am having fun with the process while learning exactly how easy it is for me to write, but how difficult it is to buckle down and be my own editor and proofreader, plus book designer, book layout designer, back cover blurb and book blurb writer, plus...good grief! Coughing up an About the Author mini bio- something I agonized over for days because I am a rather private person and so totally not egotistical in the least I had no clue what to say about myself other than- I write.

It is now July 16th and I have Medea available on under the pseudonym I was going to write under, Victoria Bell.  I took it down once to fix some interior issues- namely fix  couple of typos both Kelly and I missed, fix the title page so the cover and interior font matched better, added author name and an about author page, etc.  All the stuff I didn't think about because I was basically just throwing it together to get my two free copies as a NaNoWriMo winner last November. Medea was my November 2014 NaNo novel- written in 18 days.  The story is a lot older than that because the core of it was written as a Halloween story for Kelly back when she was in middle school.  She asked for a longer, more grown-up version, so that's what I set out to accomplish last November.

I ordered a bunch of copies and handed them out for free to co-workers, friends and family members...then discovered I could change things like the colors on the cover, etc.  The version that is available right now is version 2.  I really need to yank it off there and give it anther good overhauling, but I've been working on other projects in the meantime that I want to mover forward with, so Medea will have to wait for a lull. It's still a decent quick little beach read as it is...but it can be better, and will be better, one day.


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