Sunday, October 11, 2015

Beautiful Autumn Weekend and Revisions in the Works

The past two days have been absolutely gorgeous here in western MA. We managed to get out for a drive in the hills on Saturday, stopping at an orchard to grab a bag of Macoun apples for a pie and general munching on. The autumn leaves aren't quite at peak color yet, but there was enough reds, oranges, clear yellows and golds to satisfy the soul.

Kelly worked on her trolley car project on Saturday, then today put in an hour of operator time running two different trolleys at the museum. She added a new pin to her vest. She looked sharp, and posed with another operator and some kids for a picture.

I have been doing a major revision of Miss Peculiar's Haunting Tales, Volume I. And finally got all the bugs worked out of the text this evening- what a chore this has been! I am now working on a big revision of My Magical Life. When I first started self-publishing I didn't know anything about changing margins so a number of the books have too wide margins and narrow text areas which I am remedying along with removing those banes of my existence- the mysterious hyphenated words that keep popping up despite three hundred proofreadings. Finally employed Control-F and looked for hyphens and I think I have finally banished them from Miss Peculiar I, at least I hope so.

I tried uploading Miss Peculiar as a PDF file but after I converted it there were issues with fonts not being embedded, and the hyphenated words needing to be corrected- and then I discovered I did not have anything on this pared down computer that I can open a PDF file with. I need all the space for stories. So back to Word DocX files...sigh.

I had recently reread My Magical Life so had all the corrections I needed to make to the text written in orange ink in the book- easy to find! Quick to fix! Then I adjusted the margins and there they were- the hyphenated words that had previously been at the end of sentences now needing to be addressed because they were in the middle of sentences. Work, work and more work. This is not easy by any means- doing everything by myself!

But at least the weather was gorgeous. Huge acorns are literally raining down from the four big oak trees in the backyard. There is no shortage of acorns this fall. They sound like small bombs when they hit the deck. The cats hear them fall and roll and rush to the door wanting to run outside and play with them. Revere nearly choked on an acorn a year ago, so no bringing them inside anymore for them to chase around the kitchen and down the hallway. He had too close a call. He's got plenty of other toys to play with.

Having day surgery on Tuesday morning to remove a basal cell carcinoma from the crown of my head. I doubt that will be pleasant once the novacaine they'll use wears off. I really can only take Tylenol. It is on the crown of my head. John is taking me and driving me home after. I want it off, but have enough other pain I'm coping with on a daily basis. Will just have to suck it up and get through this somehow.

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