Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Direct from Author on ebay

I've been thinking about this and I have decided that I will begin selling my books on ebay.  I had totally forgotten that I had an account and could sell, but Kelly reminded me, so tonight we put 12 brand new copies of Miss Peculiar's Haunting Tales, Volume I (first edition) up for sale.  I believe there are international sellers that are selling the book, too, so look for seller 415buttons, the only one offering signed copies. The book sells for $12.99 on Amazon.com, plus shipping and handling, I believe, and is not signed. I am selling the book for $11.99, plus $1 shipping/handling...so about equal to retail, only I am paying the majority of the mailing fees- mailer bag, media mail postage, going to the post office, etc. I will be signing the books, and if a custom inscription is requested, I'll be doing that.

I may put a few other books up during the week to see how it goes.

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