Thursday, October 8, 2015 Halloween Story Contest 2015

Well, I put it off long enough. Tonight I submitted two entries into the annual Halloween story contest.  I submitted three last year and won second place in the adult category with Blackstone's Menagerie.  I submitted the story under my pseudonym, Victoria Bell.  The story is included in Miss Peculiar's Haunting Tales, Volume I.  That book was published under my real name.

I submitted two of my new Halloween stories written in Maine in September- never before seen by anyone except Kelly, although she has not read either one yet- primarily because one touches on a subject that makes her apprehensive- being alone in a house, a haunted house. The other is a little more risky in nature in that it involves the supernatural seduction and rape of a teenager to continue a threatened family's line.

Kelly is reviewing her short stories to see if there is anything she ha ready that she can enter before the October 22nd deadline this year. She has some wild ideas and a vivid, direct writing style. I would be so proud of her if she won a writing contest!

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