Wednesday, October 7, 2015


The neighbors are having a new roof put on. Today was my day off so I was home doing some things in the den, writing a new author's profile.  Have been trying to put together something to take to the owner of the local gift shop down the street. She had expressed interest in selling one of my books for Halloween, so I've been busy putting a promotional package together- an author profile, a catalog of my books and my business card in a bright red folder, and then coming up with pricing. Since I am a self-published author, my books sell on Amazon for retail price. I can buy them at cost to author. But I'm still figuring out a reasonable way of selling them to a store, where they buy them outright from me at above my cost but less than retail and they pocket the difference and I have my expense plus a little profit, or if I split the profit with the retailer, or if I sell them outright at my direct from author price, or maybe even retail, and pay the store a set fee for use of a bit of space in their shop to set up a table. I think once people came in for a book signing, if interested, they might linger and shop in the store and increase the store's profits on that day- the store has great gifts. I've been going there for a couple years now- to the point where the owner recognizes me, but she only became aware of the fact that I'm an author when I gifted her a copy of Miss Peculiar's Haunting Tales, Volume 1 a week or so ago...

I digressed there-anyway, I was in the den figuring this all out, making up a table and everything when one of the young roofers began cursing rather foully and laughing, asking the other, "Have you ever heard that one before?" They sounded like a couple of grade school boys in the locker room snickering about a dirty word one of their father's might have uttered when he hit his thumb with a hammer! Or overheard a male relative use when eavesdropping after his bedtime on grown-up conversation he was never meant to hear. Now they, quite literally, shout this language from the rooftop! What ever happened to class, and respect for other people?

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