Sunday, October 25, 2015

The TALON series

I have books one and two in the works in the Talon series. Talon is a doctor in the human world, a grim reaper in the heavenly realm and the demonic realms beyond earth.  He has a personality as aa doctor that repels people, therefore he's switched to Pathology where he doesn't have contact with patients. He is the assistant ME with the elderly Dr. James Everett not quite ready to retire although he is approaching ninety. Enter young Bryce Briscoe who has moved to the city of Revere to forge a new life for herself after twenty years of being labeled a freak in her hometown of Garfield, even by her own siblings. She is struggling, starving, barely hanging on when she encounters Dr. Everett on the front steps of City Hall after miserably failing an interview for a night desk clerk job at City Morgue. Miraculously she gets hired, but while her relationship with Dr. Everett is warm, she and Dr. Talon only manage to rub one another the wrong way.

Talon has actually chosen Bryce as his portal. He is the reaper who harvests the souls of the departed and she is the portal through whom those souls pass through into Heaven- only he's being remiss in his telling her what she really is and his training of her- distracted by the sultry Dr. Liliya Romanenko. There is no love between Romanenko and Bryce.

When Bryce is upset, angry, frustrated, unhappy bad things happen to her- demons attack her, unfriendly ghosts stalk her...and the grim reaper appears and seems to be her guardian angel, which only confuses her more because he speaks in Dr. Talon's voice. And she is having erotic dreams about the icy doctor that also confuse her- but she is in love with that dream doctor.

After a near fatal accident when she is run down in the street trying to stop the grim reaper from killing her best friend Ed Wrisley in a jealous rage, Dr. Talon begins paying more attention to his duty to instruct and train her in the crossing of souls. Bryce is changing as a result of her growing relationship with him. He is also desperate to sire a new reaper with her.

Their volatile relationship, and Bryce being a hybrid spirit- both portal and angel- gets the gates of Heaven closed against them, leaving them to struggle on their own against more violent and aggressive demon attacks, with only Talons most faithful Guardians and Warriors to assist them. Bryce discovers that she is also a healer, which comes in handy during these multiple, ferocious attacks.

With Guardians Adrian Fox and Vera Cotton, and rogue Warrior Oliver Rand as their most trusted allies, Talon and Bryce attempt to level out their relationship and get on track with her training and their various missions on earth.

In Book 2 Bryce has moved in with Talon and is pregnant with the new little reaper, the only child he will ever sire. Talon has made great strides in learning to be more human to please Bryce, yet he remains a fiercely protective reaper, and is disconcerted by Bryce's equally fierce determination to protect him.

Talon encourages Bryce to mend fences with her family. He takes her on what is supposed to be a romantic vacation for her July birthday where they encounter her parents, discover her father is dying of pancreatic cancer. Bryce begins to better her relationship with her parents. Talon buys her a lake cottage for her birthday. A demon disguised as a rogue reaper infects Bryce with a toxin that will compel her to kill Talon at some unknown time in the future. Dr. Everett returns to earth in a new human form to protest the continuation of Talon and Bryce being shut out of Heaven.  Talon and Bryce host a Labor Day family weekend at the cottage. Bryce uses her spirit to revive one of her sister's step daughters who drowns in the lake. Dr. Everett rushes Bryce to Heaven to have an infusion of spirit from her guardian angel, the angel who gave her the glow that caught Talon's eye. Bryce is now more spirit than human when he brings her back, yet that doesn't stop the toxin from working in her, causing stress and strain in her relationship with Talon who is frantically working to try to develop an antidote to stop the inevitable.

Little Savannah, who drowned and was brought back, can perceive her Aunt Bryce as an angel and her Uncle Giles as a 'skeleton man'. She is sworn to secrecy and agrees to never say a word to anyone. Talon rushes Bryce to the hospital where her father is dying. They arrive in time and he sees them in their Heavenly forms and has a peaceful death, passing through Bryce and seeing his as yet unborn grandson she carries, telling her that the baby will have her red hair, his father's pale blue eyes. Another demon has Bryce's best friend Wrisley murdered before her eyes in an attempt to draw Talon to him by torturing her. It is during this ordeal that Bryce steps outside her human body to fight the beasts threatening her reaper- and her reaper kneels before her, acknowledging her as the higher order being in this unusual and unprecedented partnership. Bryce isn't keen about him kneeling before her. The toxin then does it's job and she murders Talon- however, she is reminded that she is a powerful healer and she has healed and mended him once before, that she can do it again by Dr. Everett and Mrs. Everett. She saves her reaper once again and their bond is even stronger.

The baby's arrival comes unexpectedly in an unusual location. Bryce finally chooses a wedding date, selecting Valentine's Day, two months after the birth of their son.

Book three is in the works....

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