Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Just Doing My Job

I did my job today. I do it everyday, always to the best of my ability with everything that I have at hand and then some when I need additional information. I did my job, got a response that was not favorable from an insurance company, and got screamed at, scolded and belittled in front of my co-workers because the insurance had denied a request because of their criteria and polices on this type of medication which is well documented. I felt bullied. I felt like I was being treated like a child- which I am not. I am an adult and I act like one in the workplace. It really goes against my grain when I do the best I can do with what is available to me, and I even go the extra distance and get as much information as I can before I tackle a difficult task and then, because it doesn't go the way a person wants it to, I am instantly to blame. I came so very close to just getting up and walking out today. My job is extremely stressful and hectic right now.  I am constantly interrupted throughout the day. I have recent stressors in my life right now that have pushed me to the edge yet I go to work and give everything I can to help people...and this happens. Well, my day was ruined and I am not happy at how I was treated because one person was disappointed and decided I was the one to lash out at. That was a huge mistake. I did my job. If you don't like the result I'm sorry, but it was an insurance thing, not my doing. I am still angry and upset tonight- and I am not happy.

The best part of the day was talking to grateful people I was able to help with various things. I seldom get thanked for what I do, but two people today took the time to thank me and tell me they appreciate what I do for them.

But even those two sweet people could not negate what one single person who is always telling us that we should treat one another with respect, that if we have a difference of opinion we should talk to those people quietly on the side and not yell at them in front of other people, did to me today.

I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for the apology due me but I do have something that I seriously need to think about now; and maybe she should think about what would happen if my choice is unfavorable. There aren't very many people who can multitask on a monumental scale, stay organized, work under constant pressure and put up with prima donna attitudes and chronic documentation failures and still get their work done. But instead of seeing that, I get yelled at for doing my job correctly.

Go figure.

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