Thursday, March 3, 2016

Brainfried and Babbling

I sat down to write tonight but my brain just wasn't that into it. I wrote maybe half a page. Sometimes that happens, especially when I'm brainfried (all one word in my book because when I'm like this, I'm just too tired to make it two words.)

I fiddle-faddled around doing this and that, played a couple games on my phone, changed my rings tones, ignored the house phone every time it rang (how did we ever become so popular with spammers, scammers, political hacks, charity champions, and Eversource (where I live Eversource is a monster utility in cities and towns surrounding ours, but we have a municipal gas and electric company, yet Eversource is always calling to discuss our power usage, etc. The caller always seems a bit flustered when we say "we're not a customer of yours so why exactly are you calling us?"

And now the NRA is calling. I'm tempted to accept their call and tell them all about my friend who blew his brains out with his gun. I'm sure they'd love to hear that story because to this day it's still a traumatic event in my life. And how about the female officer shot and killed on her first day of duty by an asshole with a rifle? I've walked the long blue line for two police officers in Springfield killed by guns in the hands of criminals. Tell me it's their right to shoot people and then sit down and shut up and let me tell you the cold, hard truth you ignore--There's someone out there with a bullet with YOUR name on it. You've just been lucky so far. (So has your mother, your kids, your best friend, your bank teller, the person who serves your coffee, the gas station attendant where you fill up, and tat jerk who just cut you off on the road. You've all been L-U-C-K-Y., so far.)

Anyway, we no longer answer our phone unless the caller ID identifies family or friend, and even then we have been fooled a couple of times by spammers who somehow use one of our names as the caller. If I don't verify the number as well when I see the familiar name I get really pissed off when it's not my husband and I'm not shy about letting them know exactly and telling them precisely where to go, track number, station name and everything in explicit detail. The same goes for my cellphone. You can go to voice mail limbo for all I care.

Okay, guess I just jumped up on my soapbox there, but it took me a long time to train my husband not to answer the phone every time it rang. He thought it was impolite not to answer the phone. I finally convinced him that what is actually is impolite are all these garbage calls interfering with our home life when we just want peace and quiet and to be able to relax at the end of a long day. These callers are rude and unwanted, so why exactly do we have to be polite to nuisances who invade our home like mice and cockroaches? So, call all you want- the ringtone is low and we'll just glance at the caller ID if we happen to be near the phone, or just  ignore it if we're not. If it's family or friends they know what to do to let us know. That's the way it is here.
 it's them

So, anyway, my brain is tired tonight from work where I had five things going at once and was still fielding calls besides. And I had a LOT of calls at work today...and yes, I get a lot of junk calls from those companies you see on TV pitching back braces, knee braces, wrist braces, etc. that are, for all intents and purposes, pieces of crap (read about them in AARP folks). Save yourself a world of woe- go to your doctor, have him/her prescribe whatever it is you think you need and if he/she agrees that you need it (back braces can actually cause you more harm then good by weakening the muscles you need to support your torso so you can remain upright! Confining those muscles, letting them grow idle in a brace will cause them to atrophy.). If you leave with a prescription in hand there are plenty of local businesses that can accommodate you and provide you a better item without bilking your insurance hundreds of dollars (thus reducing Medicare fraud and the resultant burden on your finances because Medicare takes such big hits with this junk- and I am talking $300-500 per brace- really- because I hound them right back when they call because I won't let my doctors prescribe stuff sight unseen and without knowing what Medicare is going to be squeezed for. It's not that surprising how uncomfortable these sales reps get when asked for this information, and how many cannot even provide it! (It just reeks of scam and fraud! How can you not have information, not even a one page flyer on something you're selling?) People think just because it's on TV it's good. There have been ads on TV for well over a half century or more and everyone knows you have to take everything you see on TV with a grain of salt because the world known as Media is a deceitful and manipulative place. Let's not be so na├»ve!

Okay, I really should crawl to bed and pull the covers over my head now. I have weary brain syndrome, and I'm hugely disappointed I was unable to focus enough to continue on with the book I'm working on at present...but it just wasn't happening tonight. This was what was happening....and maybe I should apologize for spewing all over this blog...but, hey, it's my blog and I'm allowed to be as tactful as Trump now and then- I mean, he plays in a public theater. I just tinker around in the theater of the absurd. there a Society for the Prevention of Abuse of Blogs?

I'm sorry, little blog...I'll make it up to you. Maybe tomorrow, after I get some sleep....goodnight!

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