Thursday, March 3, 2016

Photo Shoot

In the midst of chaos and turmoil we managed to find some humor.

My husband lost his job in a cold-blooded corporate mass layoff a week ago yesterday after dedicating himself there for 32 years. It was staggering, to say the least, and he has not been coping well with what he views as a betrayal and rejection of his loyalty to the company, but that's the No Heart way of big business these days.

So, he's been home polishing up his impressive resume and updating his Linked In page...and he needed an updated photograph (actually, ne needed a phot period since he never had one!) Therefore, yesterday afternoon I volunteered to take his picture. Okay, so I'm five five and he's six three and a half. I'm standing in bare feet, he has on hard soled slippers. The first few pictures seemed to be taken looking up his nose with him looking down at me so his eyes looked at half mast, like he'd just rolled out of bed or was just coming off a bender. Not good.

He's getting a little ticked by all the flashes in his eyes and comes up with the bright idea pf sitting down in the hallway in front of the paneled cellar door. Ah! Better angle, but now he's getting antsy and grumpy. So I launch into my Photo Shoot mode. I go, "Darling, work with me here! Show me that sexy 'Hire Me!' look! That's it! Work it, sweetheart! Almost there!" By now he is LAUGHING and I am laughing so hard I can't stand up straight! Click! Click! Click! As the laugh fest subsides I manage to shoot a series of three pictures, two of which show him looking relaxed and smiling.

He took the camera, downloaded the pictures, chose the one he liked best and uploaded it to Linked In- assignment accomplished.

Just call us Abbott and Costello...

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