Sunday, March 6, 2016

Closing in on the Finish Line

Well, today I wrote the epilogue of the new, as yet untitled, novel. Now I need to go back and pick out certain characters and write these little blurbs about them to tack at the beginning of certain chapters to better define them. Kelly suggested this and I agree it would be a different approach to fleshing them out.

Then next will be the read through for continuity.

And then will come the filling in of material that needs to be better developed to carry the plot throughout the novel. (If you haven't caught this before, I write on the fly straight out of my head and seldom stop to take notes- bad me!) When I read a novel I never know what I'm going to find because when I take dictation from the muse in my head I really don't know what the heck is going on! It's always a surprise!

When all the tweaking and filling in is done I will have a pretty cool novel in hand- judging by the voracious rate my minion has read printed out pages on a daily basis! (She's not really a minion, but I've always wanted to have one and she comes close!)

Off to do the little blurbs bout these characters who wander through the pages raising havoc!

Stay tuned!

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