Saturday, March 5, 2016

Up Late Last Night

For the past three nights I have been fighting a battle in my head- I had reached the point in my new novel where all hell breaks loose and knew there would be betrayals and shocks coming fast and furious as the clash between two powerful beings erupted into war. I had trouble getting myself to focus and write the chapters necessary to propel the book toward the desired ending. The other night I was just too brain friend to write much of anything. Last night I made myself sit down and just start writing and managed to get the two most difficult chapters written. It's not easy for a nice, easy going person like me to torture my characters mercilessly before pulling them damaged from the fire and healing them.

That's all I can say right now- some survived and some did not. Today, when Kelly reads those chapters after she gets home from work and volunteering at the museum, I will be able to gauge the impact of those two chapters- although it bothers me to make her cry, but that's how I'll know if the writing is powerful enough to move my biggest critic, daughter or not.

Meanwhile, having a more relaxing day after such a wrenching late night creating chaos and destruction in the world within my head-it's now in the computer and on paper...but the remnants are still fluttering like tattered battle flags in my brain.

Epilogue ahead...and then the massive job of reading the novel through and tweaking it to bring it all together because there needs to be a few things added or removed here and there to make this one all I want it to be- a thrill ride for the reader.

I'm making progress.

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