Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Discussion Today with Archway Consultant

Had a nice discussion this afternoon with a publishing consultant from Archway, a division of Simon & Schuster, that helps authors publish their books. It's a big step up from CreateSpace where I self publish my books now. I would love to do this but with the financial upheaval due to John's job being eliminated (don't get me started on this again...still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth that big corporations can eliminate your job and there are no repercussions for them- they should be fined for every American they so callously dump to save themselves money! Argh!!)my plans to level up in the publishing game have more or less crashed and burned for the time being. So, I am discovering while corporate American suffers no repercussions from job eliminations, those affected by these downsizings and dumping the gray hairs (let's just call it what it is and drop the corporate gloss and BS) are rather devastating to those who no longer have an income, who have health issues and need medical care, and have plans for life in general that now are lost in limbo due to the uncertainty of finding comparable employment in a country that sucks at helping its own people work for a living.

Anyway-it was a very nice talk, he seemed interested in the book I'm just about finished writing and I could really get excited about having Archway back my next book like that but it's going to have to sit on the back burner for now until we see what the future holds in store for us financially.

Another dream in the holding pen of life. (But, I'll keep writing.)

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