Monday, April 3, 2017

Winding up a marathon Edit

Was busy this past weekend doing a marathon proofreading and final edit of Miss Peculiar's Ghost Stories, Volume I because I decided I do want to bring copies with me to Articulture. For the most part- I write fantasy and paranormal, with some odds and ends thrown in for fun.

Have one more story to go tonight and then I can upload the new file and be done with my poor battered proof copy that's been scribbled in for the past two days, and some more this morning at breakfast as I realigned the stories in the table of contents.

The weather has been more spring-like after Friday and Saturday's sleet-fest and snowstorm. It was in the fifties yesterday and reached 60 today. Kelly was out on the back deck for her first juggling practice of the season. Then we began our after dinner walks- something that goes by the wayside when the road is covered with the white stuff!

All authors are now booked for Articulture2017. Besides me (fantasy/paranormal fiction) the lineup includes Young Adult/Adult author Melissa Volker (Delilah of Sunhats & Swans, Anabelle Lost, The Thirteenth Moon), fiction with creepy undertones author Katherine Anderson (Hospital Hill, Shadows in the Ward), children's author/illustrator Rhonda Boulette (Flitten Kittens), non-fiction author Shawn Flynn (The Kitty: Who Rescued Me After I Rescued Him), and cartoonist Rick Storomski (Soup 2 Nutz). Not too bad of a talented local lineup- a little something for everyone!

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