Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Nice Mother's Day

I woke up to cuddles with both cats who stuck to me like glue today...I am their surrogate Mom, after all!

When I came into the kitchen I found a card from Revere and Riley-Beans signed with paw prints, and a card from my daughter with a Barnes & Noble gift card tucked inside (she knows her Mom so well!). Then she and I went to breakfast and she paid.

During breakfast I had a text from my best friend Carol who was in the area so we went to the hotel where she had a suite and visited, then brought her home with us while her daughter went off with her boyfriend to visit his daughter. Both cats remembered Carol from her visit in January. Riley-Beans usually bolts and hides with company, but he came right out and laid where he could see her. Revere is much more sociable and hung out with us as we visited, ate lunch and then he sat at the kitchen table with us as we chatted before taking her to, where else, Barnes and Noble to meet her daughter so they could head home. Kelly and I visited the bookstore and I snagged two awesome books before we went home.

Tonight John took us for soft serve ice cream at the ice cream stand my parents used to take my sister, brother and me to all the time when we were growing up in my home town. On the way a cardinal flew by the window of my car and then veered off into a flowering crabapple tree. My mother's favorite bird was the cardinal and she had two crabapple trees in the yard when we were young and made crabapple jelly one year. I was like a quick Hi from Mom along the way.

Had text messages and facebook messages from friends throughout the day...

And now I'm going to write for an hour or so.  The perfect Mother's Day!

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