Thursday, May 12, 2016

Stone Wall

Today I feel like I've hit a stone wall. I feel tired and I'm not sure I have the energy to get myself over this wall in order to continue my journey. The wall stretches for miles in both directions and I don't know if it ever ends. And while it's nice to think that there may be a place where the wall has fallen down or crumbled, making the climb easier, I also know that looks can be deceiving. A tumbled wall may hide a nest of snakes. It's possible to slip and fall while climbing over loose stones. Spraining an ankle or breaking a leg will only delay the journey.

It is up to me to get over this wall. I must have faith in myself as I face this challenge. I must just have Faith.

Obstacles are challenges- whether they are physical objects blocking your way forward, emotional issues that prevent you from moving forward, and even psychological demons like self-doubt, depression, fear...

Within each of us is an arsenal at our disposal with which we can tackle these obstacles. Determination, positive thinking, self-confidence, faith, joy, hope, trust, belief and strength.

We also have those around us- family and friends. Many hands make short work of tearing down a wall.

Tonight I will think about my strategy while my body rests and recovers from exhaustion and my spirit renews itself with sleep and meditation.

Tomorrow I will tackle this wall...and move forward.

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