Friday, May 6, 2016

Reorganizing and Stuff

It was a busy week at work but I still managed to get stuff done. I finished writing all the little insert pieces at the beginning of each chapter which more or less serve as a timeline of events that fill in some background on current characters and characters merely referred to by them during the course of the novel.

I'd just been inserting these bits at the beginning of chapters randomly as they were written but then realized that placed in order of occurrence they present a chilling glimpse into the past and a better understanding of what is going on throughout the novel if they are all placed chronologically. Therefore, yesterday at lunch I jotted down notes and numbered the inserts by the time they occurred in the past, and this morning during breakfast before work I spent 35 minutes cutting and pasting them all (28 of them) and getting them at the beginning of the correct chapters.

Tonight, after dinner, I printed out a rough draft copy- the copy that I will scribble on and write notes all over to make changes and improvements, and fill in what might still be missing to make the whole thing a more cohesive novel. I'm really putting a lot more time than usual into this novel because I like the concept I came up with and want to give it the treatment it deserves. This one has the potential to be a breakout novel.

Handle with care...not that I haven't poured my heart and soul into everything else I've ever written- it's just that I've learned a lot in the past year since I began self-publishing my body of work (and there's oh, so much more of it sitting in the dining room!) that I want and need to apply these things to this novel.

There's another story kicking around in my brain pan, shuffling it's feet, tapping its fingers trying to get my attention...we'll see. I always do multiple projects at a time. Who knows...this novel lurking in the back of my mind may get done first!

I never know how things will go.

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