Saturday, May 14, 2016

In That Dream State Between Sleep and Waking

This morning, in that dream state between sleep and waking, a series of images passed before my mind's eye.. These images were so tactile, so vivid I could smell rain and wet pavement, feel the chill, raw night air, and woke with an uneasy feeling about what was going to happen.

My muse works best in these twilight moments, feeding me the start of a new story.

These images have haunted me throughout the day and now with the sun set and the twilight dissipating as deeper shadows of night obliterate the purplish hues of dusk I power up the laptop and off we go on a new adventure.

As I wrote on my goodreads blog earlier this evening, being a writer is akin to being an explorer, only the territory a writer explores, navigates and discovers is contained within the bony confines of one's own skull.

Huzzah! Off I go!

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