Monday, May 9, 2016

House Warming

One of my co-workers and her husband just bought their first house.

Growing up, I remember my mother always buying friends and family members and co-workers who bought their first home a house warming gift. One time I vividly recall it was something as simple as a can of pea soup tied to the doorknob with a piece of string so hunger never visited their home.

I wracked my brain and decided to give her something pretty for inside her home and something pretty for the yard- things she and her family could enjoy for many years to come as they make that new house their home. I chose a butterfly bush that will have royal red blooms. We have a butterfly bush in our yard and it attracts beautiful butterflies- many of which I have never seen before. They find the flowers and stay awhile. My co-worker has a new granddaughter. I can see that little girl growing up chasing butterflies, marveling at them decorating that bush as she grows up. I can see my friend enjoying the flowers and butterflies too from her balcony, or while lounging poolside, or even while simply walking through her yard in quiet moments.

For inside her home I found a beautiful bamboo, laser-cut, openwork fruit bowl formed by connected rippled rings. It caught my eye the moment I saw it. This evening when I dropped the butterfly bush off she gave me a tour of her new house and there was the beautiful bowl on his dining room table with apples and bananas in it, serving it's purpose already and looking gorgeous- like a piece of art! She was very happy with it and the bush

The little plaque I also tucked into the gift bag was in her TV room reminding her to Love, Live and Laugh much.

It felt good to carry on one of my Mom's traditions by welcoming a friend and co-worker to her new home with simple gifts that will bring her happiness as they settle into their house and make it a home.

I wonder what other traditions I can bring back from when I was growing up?

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