Monday, May 16, 2016

Five Chapters Down the Road Without a Map

From that dream that haunted me the other day a new novel is evolving.

I'm five chapters down the road without a map and enjoying the trip so far! Life is an adventure! I love it when a story just rolls out like a broad ribbon all embroidered with words and events that connect one to the other like the grid of roads on a GPS. What a journey! My destination will be another surprise.

This novel is turning out to be about a dark wizard and a white witch...that's all I can say because like with all of my books they just get written out of my head without any pre-planning and plotting, so even I don't know where they're going, but Kelly is already chasing me and catching up, doing the initial proofreading and editing of the rough draft pages I churned out yesterday. I heard her laugh in a couple of places, always a good sign! And she's already found the one thing from real life that I wove into the narrative (fairly early on for me, I usually bury it deeper into the novel but this fit so I put it in.)

Meanwhile, best friend Darlene was gifted Talon:The Familiarity of it All the other day (it was just released a couple weeks ago) which has prompted her to go back and reread books one and two in the Bryce and Dr. Talon trilogy. Book four, Talon:Finding the Familiar, is also out not (just released) and is linked to these three first books but is actually a stand alone novel using those characters but featuring a related new character and the people surrounding her. Probably confusing as written about here, but the next one will be even more so as it'll be about Bryce and Giles' son Cayle and fall between books 3 & 4 in time. Yeah, I'm out of order- throw the book at me!! (I'll catch it and read it!! Ha ha!)  Anyway- Darlene told me today she zipped through the first book (Talon:An Intimate Familiarity) and is starting the second book (Talon:A Sense of Familiarity) in the series to familiarize herself with the characters again and the sequencing of the story so she's more prepared to dig into book 3. Although she's read it already she told me today she enjoyed reading it a second time and picked up a lot more than she had the first time maybe that's why even I have to read my books over and over again- there's so much going on in them it's easy to miss something that links this to that.

I'm such a joyful writer!! :)

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