Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Reunion Tomorrow with Dear Friend

I received a friend request on facebook the other day from a girlfriend I'd lost touch with about 7 seven years ago. I worked with her in the late 80's, and she was almost Kelly's godmother (my mother pushed her half-sister into that roll and I have regretted not having had the backbone to stand up to my Mom back then ever since.) We exchanged some texts and emails. Now tomorrow she's coming to visit my house which has always been open to her. It'll be a fun morning! I'll hate having to go to work for my afternoon shift.

I've had few close friends in my lifetime. There were Joni and Elena in 4th through 9th grades before Mom and Dad uprooted the family. I found it difficult to make new friends as a sophomore in a strange high school- but eventually found Candy, Becky and Scott. I went off to college and met Carol who has been my BFF for decades. Our paths diverged but we stayed in touch and still get together when we can (we live in different east coast states). We have three girls between us. Next, I met Patti while working the nightshift at a toy-making company, and though our lives were very different, something clicked between us. We sort of drifted apart, occasionally touching base but the last time I saw her face to face was at her husband Steve's funeral.  Next, there was Darlene, and then Gail. My true blue friends remain Carol (Peech), Patti (Pattipuss), Darlene (Daisy) and Gail. That's my core girl gang. Amanda, Kristina, Maryann, Sissy, Missy, and CiCi are my satellite circle of friends.

I tend not to let many people get too close. My four besties have laughed and cried with me, been there through good times and bad. They know me better than anyone else, even my own family.

They know that when they don't here from me for long periods of time it's just because I'm writing.

So tomorrow morning,I'll anxiously be awaiting the arrival of Pattipuss, or rather, the return of Pattipuss! To her, I'm BuffySue.

We've got a whole lotta catchin' up to do! I can hardly wait!

Like they say, you can't choose your family, but you can choose your friends! How sweet that is!

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