Sunday, May 1, 2016

Post Book Signing Event

I had a wonderful day yesterday at the Articulture Westfield event, meeting four other local authors,  buying two of their books that interested me. I also met a number of local artists- one of whom I've been friends with on facebook for about two years but had never met in person. I bought a gorgeous slightly abstracted rooster print from an Afghanistan War veteran who paints to relieve post traumatic stress and anxiety. My best friend, Darlene, bought the matted print of the same image. Wish I could have afforded the full size painting...maybe next show! There was music upstairs that filtered downstairs throughout the day. Family and friends stopped by to show their support, and I was able to make some valuable contacts within the community who had, until yesterday, been unaware of my work. I was also able to pass on some upcoming book signing info to an author and hope to see her at that event.

Overall, I was happy and excited to be there to give my work some exposure. I have so many books that people were surprised, and maybe a little overwhelmed by learned that less may be more.

I was somewhat disappointed in that there were no signs indicating to people walking in off the street that the artists and authors were located on the lower level. I think we lost potential customers and contacts because many of those people just assumed it was a musical event on stage upstairs. I'm not sure if the ticket sellers were actually telling people the event was on both levels. Many people who found us in the lower level had come down to use the rest room facilities and wandered in from there seeing the lights on and hearing voices. That's my only criticism of the overall experience. There should have been more signage and direction to the lower level.

Otherwise- now I'm preparing for the READlocal event at the Agawam Public Library on June 20th where My Magical Life will be the only book I will be promoting, selling and signing. Showed the real cats in my house- Revere and Riley-Beans- the small plush standing black cat that represents Evangeline's wise-cracking familiar, Jazz, from that book I will be using as a prop and promotional tool and laughed like crazy! While Riley was busy giving the fake cat nose kisses, Revere was busy sniffing the toy's tail! They are too much! Also have a lovely antiqued leatherbound journal with an embossed pentagram and leather ties that will represent the grimoire Evangeline and Ardis want to find in the book. One end of the table will have these props representing images from the novel- the other end of the table will be promoting the book as a great beach read with a beach towel, sand chair and sunglasses as props.

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