Friday, July 22, 2016

Doctor Tuxedo!

One of the doctors I work for had to leave work today and go to his little girl's recital. The Dad escorts the daughter on stage so after seeing his next to last patient he changed into his classic black tuxedo complete with cummerbund and bow tie and saw his final patient dressed to the, twelves!

His last patient was a biker dude with tattoos all up his arms (I toned down the medical terminology and didn't say bilateral upper extremities, although, as you can see, I was sorely tempted! Haha!) I can just imagine what that man thought when his brand new doctor popped open the door and waltzed in wearing a tuxedo! He certainly couldn't complain of white coat syndrome!!

You never know what's going to happen at work!

I bet that little girl was so proud of her Daddy tonight, as was that Daddy proud of his little girl!

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