Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Riley Beans and the Firefly

I was sitting in the kitchen editing a new novel the other night. Kelly was sitting opposite me writing in her journal before bed. She raised her head and asked, "What's Riley got?" I turned my head and saw him sitting on the rug just inside the back door. He was staring intently at something I couldn't see that was up against the side of the kitchen cabinet. I moved my chair back, leaned over and caught a flash of light on the floor- chartreuse in color and knew instantly what had entranced my little cat so thoroughly- a firefly! He was absolutely mesmerized by the blinking bug!

I told Kelly he was watching a firefly and she jumped up saying, "I just read an article saying fireflies are endangered! Don't let him kill it!"

She went to rescue the firefly, I grabbed Riley. The next thing I know she had the firefly cupped in her two hands and she was peering into her closed hands through a small gap- totally entranced by the blinking bug now held in her protective hands. Like cat, like human. I said, "Better take it outside," but she was completely mesmerized as she gazed in wonder at the bug. "Kelly, take it outside and set it free!"

She went out onto the back deck and opened her hands-and it was gone! It fly off into the dark night with nary a flash or a blink. I had to check her over to make sure it hadn't just landed on her someplace and was going to be carried back inside- it was not on her anywhere.

Every summer she and I go out on the deck to watch the first fireflies of the season- something we've done since she was a little girl who could not pronounce the letter F. She was Kelly Bussum and these flashy insects were sireslies. We seldom get a firefly in the house but have seen them on the outside of the window screens.

It was nice to see the cat and my daughter so appreciative and enthralled by the little beetle-like bug's light show. Nature is beautiful!

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