Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My Heart Was In My Throat!

I work in a medical office where one of the MDs killed himself years ago. Wherever tragedies occur there can be residual energy remaining decades later and more.

I happen to be sensitive to spirits (from the French Canadian side of my family) and have had some eerie things happen to me in the 8 years I've been there. Mostly, I hear disembodied voices, although I've also felt unexplainable cold spots from time to time. The voice I hear is like a breathy whisper close to my ear, left or right, it doesn't seem to have a preference. Once it called my name- "Susan!" Once it simply said, "Hi!" Another time it distinctly said "Hey!" as if trying to get my attention. I whipped around in my chair and there was absolutely no one else in the office where I worked at the time. It happened during the latter end of lunch break and I was all alone. Less than twenty minutes later I received a call from my daughter who never complains when she's sick, never wants to see a doctor and doesn't like to take medicine. For her to call me at work and complain of being very sick and wanting me to come home so soon after a spirit voice tried to catch my attention did catch my attention. I jumped up and left the office, yelling to the office manager who was returning to work as I walked by her moving car toward my own that I needed to go home, my daughter was sick! I ended up taking her to the ER, something else completely out of the ordinary with Kelly, her agreeing to go to a hospital! I was glad of the voice putting me on the alert that something wasn't right in my home while I was at work.

Therefore, I always expect eerie encounters when I'm walking around the building in the morning before many of my co-workers have even arrived yet. My desk is at the opposite end of the building now. So, on Monday morning I walked along the long back hallway from the employee entrance to put my things at my desk at the opposite end of the building, then came back along that same hallway, veering right into a side hallway with two examination rooms and a bathroom on my way to check the coffee bar station in the waiting room to be sure it was adequately supplied to start the day before going to the kitchen to finish making the coffee for the office and the waiting room. As I passed the second of the two waiting rooms something in that room caught the corner of my eye. The hall light was not on yet. The light was coming from the long back hallway so wasn't that bright. It vaguely looked like someone lying on the examining table! I backtracked and peeked into the room and nearly jumped out of my skin! It was a skeleton! Heart thumping, I flipped on the light to get a better look and then realized it was only the 2-D, full-length skeleton that has been hanging on the wall in the scale niche since I started working there. He'd been taken down because the walls had been painted over the weekend. The office manager had laid the skeleton out on the table- as a joke! Ha! Ha!

I can laugh about it now, but it sure did give me a jump start to my day!

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