Thursday, July 7, 2016

OMG! TV Sucked the Soul out of ME!

I did something I very seldom do- I sat down in the living room this evening to continue the read through and editing of the proof copy of Black King Takes With Queen and three hours later realized that I was sitting there stupidly watching inane TV programs and not getting anything constructive done!

I have never been much of a TV viewer. The few times we've had to fill out those Nielsen diaries in regards to what we watch on TV it's all been what John watches. Kelly and I are readers and writers. We have no patience with TV and myriad LOUD commercials for stuff we have no interest in and are never going to buy anyway.

It was shocking to me how much time had passed, and how much I could have accomplished in those three hours- I wasted creative, productive time sitting there watching Chopped! and Mystery at the Museum...until I stood up and gave myself a swift kick in the ass for being lazy.

Imagine if everyone parked in front of their televisions turned them off, got off their asses and did something creative, productive and meaningful? What a different world we'd be living in!

Growing up, my mother limited the amount of time we watched TV and I eventually grew bored with it. I usually feel restless sitting there hour after hour. I can't stand listening to the music in the background, the fake cheerfulness, the rudeness, the foul language, the dumbness of it all...but for some reason tonight it sucked me in and stole my soul for three whole hours!

I am so ashamed of myself for just sitting there- even if I did edit a couple pages, groom the cat, and exchange a few words with my husband who lays on the couch every night watching and listening to this crap- and then complaining how little time he has to do anything around the house! He used to use the excuse that it was his downtime after work where he had a lot of stress. Fine, But he's been unemployed for 4.5 months now and he stills just lies there and doesn't get anything that needs to be done accomplished. He's an addict.

Now I am back to sitting in the kitchen where I can concentrate and not be distracted and sucked into the pointless drivel that passes for entertainment these days. I feel like I lost three hours of my life, like I was abducted by aliens and mind-wiped. I don't like that feeling at all!

I absolutely dread the future when we're retired and the damn TV is on ALL day and night. He is so going to be locked into a soundproof room because I will go insane having to listen to that nonsense even more than I already have to! I wonder if insanity due to over exposure to television will be an admissible defense in the future murder trial when I bash him with the 60" flatscreen, or whatever trendy new TV is in the house 10 years from now?

Hello! Can I have my soul back please? I really need it for better things than that!

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