Sunday, July 10, 2016

Playing with Fire

My 25-year old daughter juggles with flower sticks and a devil stick. She's self-taught and has been juggling with these props since high school. She took them to Worcester Polytechnic Institute as a means of stress relief during the high pressure abbreviated quarters. College was very intense so juggling was her pressure valve.

She asked for a tristick for her recent birthday which has three spokes radiating from a central hub. You juggle this with two sticks you hold in your hands. She's nearly got it mastered already/ I look at it and think-hmm, I'd bean myself in the head, poke myself in the eye and drop the damn thing on my foot if I tried that. That's more or less all the things that happened when trying her flower sticks. I did not even dare touch the devil stick! I might have concussed myself with that thing!

The thing she sighs and mopes about the house over is my refusal to allow her to invest in fire sticks. First of all, this house belongs to me and her father, not her. We pay the mortgage and the homeowner's insurance, and we are not covered for accidental fire due to flipping a fire stick onto the roof or whatever. We do not have a large enough driveway for her to juggle fire in. I can't have her burning down the house or the neighbor's hedges. If we had a huge concrete patio I would consider it, but only if I could have a Valium beforehand to tamp down the anxiety about her setting herself on fire.

Therefore, I have to say a big NO to playing with fire.

When she has her own home, pays her own homeowner's insurance and has adequate medical insurance coverage then she can do whatever she pleases. For now, although I love her and want her to be happy, she's just going to have to cool her jets in regards to playing with fire.

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