Monday, July 25, 2016

Yesterday Something Dark, Today Something Light

As I stepped outside this evening to shoot the eerie yellow sunset I was surprised to find not one, but two rainbows arcing over my backyard. I quickly ducked back in to get an assortment of cameras then went back out and shot a couple dozen pictures of the bright rainbow and it's fainter shadow arcing above it. It was awesome!

I've seen a lot of single rainbows and a few doubles but never a double right in my own backyard! I posted a couple shots on facebook.

As I was outside my sister was calling me on the house phone to tell me to get outside to look at the rainbow...even across town we find ourselves doing the same thing at the same time- and we're not even twins. She's nearly five years older than I am!

I hope my new neighbor and his family saw this beautiful rainbow and it's pallid sister rainbow. This is their first day in their new home and you couldn't have asked for a bigger blessing from Mother Nature than a double rainbow over your new home on your very first day there!

By the way, the clouds were beautiful too, despite the spit of rain coming from them. The setting sun was illuminating them from beneath with golden light! Overall- a truly beautiful ending for another hot, dry day.

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