Friday, July 1, 2016

Tornado Warning

Here in western MA we're under a tornado warning. A tornado kicks up every few years. The last serious tornado was about 5 years ago and tore up a huge path down the Westfield River to the Connecticut River, jumping across from a devastated section of West Springfield to destroy sections of Springfield before moving into Wilbraham and Monson where it destroyed homes, forestland and a campground, uprooting large trees everywhere before skipping through Sturbridge and into Worcester and beyond. It left a massive amount of damage in its wake. Most of our tornados are smaller in scale but occasionally we get a mid-west size funnel.

We've had some wind and thunderstorms pass through. The watch is in effect until 10PM. I hate tornados that strike at night because you can't see them coming. Guess I'll just have to listen for it...hopefully it'll all disintegrate before it builds up.

Meanwhile, we haven't had a good hurricane here since I worked as a campus police officer in Springfield. I remember the golf-ball sized hail that dimpled the cruiser so it looked like a giant golf ball! We didn't have a garage to put the cruiser in and were told not to park it under any it got nailed as we stood inside the safety of a brick building watching the wild wind, rain and hail. No one got hurt but a lot of cars were damaged and some windows were broken or cracked.

The wildest shows are put on by Mother Nature!

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