Thursday, July 14, 2016

When You're Not As Smart As You Think You Are

For the past week I've been doing a final big edit of my new novel. Last night I went into Create Space to work on uploading the corrected file, and designing a new cover because Kelly didn't like the "too subtle" cover I originally designed.

I usually have a brain in my head- so imagine how shocked and stunned I was to discover, as I worked on the new cover design, that I had put the title on the original upload and design as Black Knight Takes White Queen when in fact the book's title is actually Black King Takes White Queen (which is what all the interior pages read!) Fortunately, since I was still in the proof stage of the self-publishing process, nothing was written in stone. I was able to go into all the areas where CreateSpace had put in the incorrect title I'd typed and fix it.

This was perhaps the most frustrating cover design I've done- I had the image I wanted but it wasn't available for all the various cover designs. It took four hours to find the cover I wanted and get the image added, the fonts and colors the way I wanted them, the back cover text rewritten, and everything uploaded again for this second shot at this book. I think I have it right this time- fingers crossed!

Hopefully, I won't find any glaring errors when I have the new proof copy in hand (and yeah, it took me two weeks to realize the cover said Knight not King! Duh!

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