Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Pleasant Surprise

Today I went off to an author event downtown for a man who writes mystery/romance. Kelly had looked into his books and was interested. I bought his book for her last weekend prior to my author event because she was volunteering at the trolley museum. Today my goal was to get the book signed for her while she was once again at the trolley museum.

I will confess something right here and now- the very idea of philosophy gives me brain freeze. It repels me like nothing else on earth but the dead chicken truck we got stuck behind on route 495 one summer. I managed to finish high school and four years of college without once setting foot in a philosophy class. The author today taught philosophy for quite a few years at my husband's alma mater in Springfield. I had worked there as a campus police office and then the night shift campus police supervisor from 1982-1988. I like that college (now university)...but had to make myself drive to the bookstore and go inside to attend this event.

Imagine my surprise when I met a very pleasant and personable man who discussed his books in an interesting and engrossing manner. I'm sure, from his presentation, that he was a much admired professor. My attention level during the event can only be described by a single word- rapt. By the end of the presentation he knew us all by name. I asked him to sign the book for Kelly, and then I bought three of his books for myself and he gracious personalized and signed all three. And like a true gentleman he asked me about my books. It was my honor, today, to take the photograph of the author and store owner that is traditionally posted on the bookstore page after the event. It came put very nicely!

I was silly to be afraid that something about philosophy would come up- it didn't, or if it did it was so slickly incorporated into the program that it was painless transferred to my brain without my being aware.

It was a pleasant surprise- and I can honestly say, I truly enjoyed this author's event! Bravo Glen Ebisch.

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