Thursday, October 6, 2016

We're Gonna Have Some Fun Now!

I saw my brother (who is a year younger than me and way more uninhibited and vocal than I am) today. I asked him if he was coming to my author event on Saturday and he replied, "Hell, yeah!" Oh my...that may mean my sister (four years older than me) will be there also. You put the three of us in a room and things can very easily go out of control rather quickly! We are merciless with one another and can crack one another up with just a sideways glance. With my brother it can easily become the "Tiger" show (not using his real name here- not necessarily to protect the innocent, unless you want to consider yourself the innocent in this instance whom I am protecting!)

Well, I can look at this another way and say they're seat fillers. I won't be talking to empty rows of seats at least!

If you can't hear the irony in my voice I apologize. They are my brother and sister and I love them- flaws, foibles, and faults aside. I have my own share of all of those things. I'm just better at focusing them in a creative manner.

I suppose I could get them started on their ghost stories. But if I do I probably won't be able to squeeze another word in edgewise! Perhaps they'd better save their real life ghost stories for October 29th during Ghost Stories LIVE!

Well, it'll be interesting, and it will be fun when all is said and done!

True to the pirate in me, a treasure hunt has been arranged.

We're gonna have some fun now!

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