Saturday, October 8, 2016

Red Lips-oh NO!

So, on the way to my author event/book signing today I stopped at the little convenience store along the route to buy a large bottle of water. I grabbed a roll of wild cherry Lifesavers to help keep my mouth moist as I take medication that dehydrates me.

I arrived at the book store and got everything hauled in. At the conclusion of the event I'd planned a Miss Peculiar's Curious Curios scavenger hunt with about 24 spooky Halloween and autumn themed items, with a card attached by an orange ribbon)  hidden all around the store. I got all of those items  tucked away in various places and then drank some water, and ate two Lifesavers. Then my book event started. I think I licked my lips to moisten them a few times, and didn't pause to drink any more water.

After the event I talked to people face to face, signed books, and hung around chatting with a family about ghosts. I then packed up the stuff I was taking home, bid Jessica goodbye and jumped in my car. I pulled down the visor then slid the mirror open to see how messed up my hair was...and nearly screamed! My mouth looked as if I had bitten someone and blood had clotted at the corners! My lips were stained cherry red! Holy moly! It was the Lifesavers! I was, quite frankly, horrified!

It bothered me all the way home. When I told my husband he just laughed and said, "Well, you are Miss Peculiar who writes haunting tales. Maybe they'll think you used fake blood to make yourself look spooky. You're a ghoulie girl!"

I can only hope!

Note to self- no wild cherry Lifesavers to suck on before any other future public appearances!!!!

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