Saturday, October 22, 2016

I'm Being Beans!

It started this morning.
     Perhaps it has to do with the abrupt change in the weather. We've gone from 70's and humid to rainy and cool.
     All day long Riley Beans has been stalking me--wanting his ears rubbed, wanting to play, following me from room to room, sitting beside me at the kitchen table, rolling around trying to get my attention, following me into the bathroom, even!
     Really! Is this what a rock star feels like being stalked by an adoring fan?
    Okay, he's my cat. I chose him from the Homeless Cat Project shelter where he was in a cage by himself in a room by himself. He was homely little shorthaired gray cat with big green eyes and the most atrocious breath imaginable. He had issues. He was labeled a chronic. On November 19th, 2011 we took him home anyway. He soon ruled the house, lording it over his slightly older tuxedo cat brother Revere who'd been with us since June 25, 2011.
    Beans was rather aloof and wanted to be alone, but that Thanksgiving he ate turkey guts until his belly looked like it was about to pop, and lounged on the king-sized bed flat on is back all afternoon. At his first vet exam we learned the source of his severe halitosis- he had juvenile gingivital hyperplasia. His gums were swollen, inflamed and growing over his teeth, dissolving his teeth- a very painful dental condition. 've written about this before. His vet lasered Beans' gums back, cleaned his teeth, pulled a couple that were bad and he's been good since with yearly dental cleanings.
    Kelly tacked the name Riley ahead of the name Beans thus making him Riley Beans. She wasn't very fond of him at first, thought he was ugly. But while she was away at WPI in Worcester, Beans transformed into a soft, fluffy handsome boy! His baby picture hangs on her bedroom wall and he truly was not much to look at but for those big green eyes. If he didn't have the same markings you'd swear he was a totally different cat.
    He's skittish, not a lap cat, but he will jump on the couch and lay between John's legs while he lounging ont he couch watching TV. At 10PM sharp he sits up and stares daggers at him until John gets up and goes to bed. Then Riley Beans takes the whole couch for himself. He will also cuddle up in the crook of my arm on chilly nights- but that's usually as far as signs of affection go from him.
    Today (except for when I was running the vacuum cleaner and he bolted down into the basement) he's been sticking to me like glue. If I sit in the living room he stands there staring at me. He doesn't want to sit on my lap. He wants me to get down on the floor and pay attention to (or maybe that should be pay homage to) him. When I was putting together a book of stories this afternoon he was standing on my lap and lounging on the chair beside me, rolling around, vying for my attention. In the bathroom I had to stuff him into the linen closet on a stack of towels so I could have a minute to myself!
     It's got to be the change in the weather. At least I hope that's it.
     Or maybe I just have a feline fan?

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