Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dancing Witches

I've seen the Westfield Witches dancing on the "green" in the center of town once recently but didn't think much about it. They were featured in the newspaper a short time later. Still, well, Halloween seems to be a big deal here No big deal. We have the rag shag parade and the dancing witches and now ghost stories at the bookstore and the usual Halloween stuff New England is known for.

Well, I went to get a haircut tonight- same hair stylist I've had since Kelly was about three years old, so that's like 22 years. I was talking to her about the upcoming event at the bookstore, and then she mentioned she was a dancing witch and she thought they were dancing there that night. I vaguely remembered something about dancing witches that night. I never knew she was a dancing witch! But then again she never knew I was an author/writer until last year Her teenaged daughter McKenzie is a writer and has read some of my books.

Funny how you can know someone for a couple of decades and still learn something new about them!

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