Friday, October 21, 2016

Killed Off Another Character

I was on the fence about this, but he had to go. I killed a character this morning.

The pressure is mounting as Romney and Ivy struggle to hold their marriage together, keep all that they have worked so hard for from crumbling around them, and try to get their three-year old son back from her nasty sister and her truly evil husband before they can be killed themselves.

Ivy's suffered a lot of trauma in this much darker story. Will the gentle white witch/druidess crumble under the stress, strain and suffering she's been made to endure, or will she find a new strength within herself that will allow her to rise above the torment her sister is putting her through and prevail?

Romney is having his own problems as he struggles with abuse from his past, difficulty controlling his fury at having his son kidnapped and his wife assaulted. He has his own PTSD from what he's recently gone through with his sister Rayna killing their father and attempting to kill him.

There are new players on the field of their life who bring their own strengths and weaknesses into play, including a cousin of Romney's, his cousin's girlfriend whom she's abandoned along with their adopted little girl, a spirited black sorceress from the south who's come north to cook and has her own agenda as well.

Caught in the toxic vortex created by Wheaton Trowbridge are old friends of Romney's and Ivy's and new friends...

...back to writing because I don't know how this is all going to end!

(This is a little preview of what's to come in Black Knight, White Rook, the sequel to the self published, well-received novel Black King Takes White Queen this past summer.)

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