Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Sense of Humor

All right- I just finished designing my banner and poster for Articulture2017.

I found coordinating designs that match my new business card.

On the poster it will say Susan Buffum (in italics) on the top line. Next line down it will say Author.
Then the design of an open book separates the top from the book where it will say on two lines-
read me
like a book  (which you can take in two different ways- some people can read me like an open book because I obviously enjoy what I do. While others will interpret it as read me (as an author) and like a book (as in liking one, or hopefully more, of my books).

I like to play with words.

My teachers should have written on my essays and themes- "Plays well with words."

My banner has my name, Author and simple instructions. 1. Open Book. 2. Read.

While designing these things, an author friend messaged me about "party favors" for her book launch this coming Saturday here in town. She just needed me to bounce ideas off of- came up with a brilliant idea just by messaging me. Glad I could help! (I'll be going to her event- it's my birthday so who better to spend it with than an author friend launching a new book!)

Today is another author friend's birthday...he's not a ghost yet!!

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