Tuesday, April 25, 2017

On Kindle

I spent two months revising the interiors of all except the three volumes of Christmas stories to make them more professional looking with new chapter headings, now lowered on the page to make chapters easier to locate. I also did the same for the individual stories in each anthology. Many of the books got new cover designs on Amazon, and now all but the Christmas anthologies are available on Kindle now. It was a massive project but I'm really satisfied with the improvements.

I have been having giveaways on goodreads and have felt bad that I can only afford to offer the giveaways in the USA. International shipping is outrageous. I just can't afford the shipping and handling for that, so decided to make my books available everywhere on Kindle (in English) at reasonable cost.

While doing this project I was editing another novel, while also preparing for Articulture2017, which was an amazing event! I really enjoyed the afternoon, sold some copies of the brand new released Miss Peculiar's Ghost Stories, Volume I, several copies of 13 that quietly came out in January, plus a couple copies of Black King Takes White Queen. Plus, I sold four copies of Kelly Buffum's first novel, Parapsychology. She was volunteering at the Connecticut Trolley Museum but managed to join me at 6:20PM for the last hour that I was there.

I've also had another collection of stories assembled, so for the past three days I've been putting the finishing touches on this book. Tonight I ordered a proof copy of butterscotch-a collection of stories. This is the first book that I've used one of my own photographs for the cover. Kelly and I took a drive up to Old Deerfield, MA to Richardson's Candy Kitchen on route 5 & 10 to purchase a few packages of butterscotch buttons so I could dump them all on the kitchen table and shoot some pictures. I selected one for the cover image. Butterscotch buttons are my favorite candy since childhood.

Next project is a second proof reading/editing/revision of the next novel. I need to check continuity because there are two similar sequences and I need to be sure they are distinctly separate, which I don't think I've quite accomplished yet.

Keeping busy and productive through another big RA flare-up and, tonight, a silent migraine. Some days are just more of a challenge than others! Just have to keep moving forward, is all.

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