Sunday, April 9, 2017

Something to Be Proud About

Friday night Kelly quietly completed her novel, Parapsychology, and self published it using the CreateSpace platform. She used a photo from her WPI days, from the October Blizzard of 2011 that crippled the northeast, to be exact. She was at WPI and went to haunted Higgins House with her best friend and roommate Bethany. Bethany's hood has been cropped from the photo but the awesome Higgins House, a repro of a real British manor house, graces the front and back covers with the snow falling past the stucco and timber fa├žade. Her book is set in a community where there are many Tudor style homes and buildings.

I am proud of her for accomplishing something at age 25 that took me until age 57 to do- get my work out there.

Parapsychology was her 2016 NANO novel. Like she proofreads and edits my work, I did the same for her.

I am a proud mom as her first books hits the Amazon marketplace. Already the folks who know her around town from Artworks of Westfield, a non-profit organization by the artists for the artists, and Blue Umbrella Books, our local indie bookseller where local authors hang out and we've both done NANO writing, are already asking for her book.

If Mom is the tree, she is the sapling that will one day overshadow her mother. She has her own unique writing talent, and I enjoy her work. All those years I've written for her and read to her have paid off because she will be an author on her own merit, not a coattail kid who's inherited the family business. This girl possesses the talent to make it on her own- and conquer the literary world by means of her own skill, not mine. She ahs the drive and initiative to do it. Mom has never interfered, only encouraged and supported.

Congratulations, Kelly Buffum, author!

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