Wednesday, April 12, 2017

FunTak & Postcards

Well, I just concluded an interesting hour of using a bit of FunTak (poster hanging putty) to adhere a customized guitar pick (which resembles a planchette) to my customized Ouija board postcards for the upcoming Articulture2017 event here in Westfield. Author Melissa Volker (Delilah of Sunhats and Swans, The Thirteenth Moon and the about to be launched Annabelle Lost this weekend) designed the card for me. I loved the card and so did all my co-workers and friends. Then I got a promo from oriental Trading Company for personalized products and the guitar picks leapt off the page at me as resembling the ubiquitous planchette needed to make a Ouija board work. So, ordered some with my name on them.

I took 20 of the cards with the attached picks with me to the Artworks of Westfield, Inc. meeting this evening and they were a big hit with the artists, and musicians and event organizers, plus the bookstore owner and resident author.

I'm really working hard to make this a fun event. last year I had no real clue what I was doing- this year I'm more focused and organized, and it'll be ever so much better!

There's still room for three more artists in the show!

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