Thursday, April 20, 2017

Just When You Thought...

So, I grab a copy of Black King Takes White Queen off the dining room table, totally psyched and ready to fill out a contest entry form and ship the book out to be judged, and I pause to read through the first chapter...9and this is after it's recent big interior update/revamp with the justified text, the bold chapter headers lowered on the pages to make them stand out more, etc) and I'm ready along and find not one but TWO randomly hyphenated words (that had previously been at the end of sentences that landed in the middle of sentences when justified, that I didn't catch when reviewing the book and looking for them.)

So, this morning, back on the laptop the file goes and here we go again making yet more text fixes by getting rid of those nasty hyphens!

Hopefully I can take the book down, upload the cleaned up, yet again, interior file, and get it back up, and a brand spanking new copy shipped ASAP so I can make the contest deadline! I would cringe at sending them a less then perfect copy!

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