Tuesday, June 28, 2016

What's New Pussycat?

My co-worker borrowed one of our cat carriers this past weekend to pick up the young cat she adopted from the Homeless Cat Project. The cat has the biggest eyes I've ever seen on a cat in my life! She's tiger with white. But it's those eyes that make her most striking. Plus the blaze of white alongside one eye.

I told Missy that the cat looks totally Egyptian, like an Egyptian princess with kohl outlined eyes.

Today when I asked if she'd named her new kitty yet she said no, but later she said, "I'm going to name her Egypt! So kitty has a new home, a new family and a new name! Lucky Egypt!

(Our cats adopted from the same shelter were named Cooper, Levi but we changed it to Isador-short for Isadoarable!, Panda who was named Reverse for his penchant to back up your arm when being held, but since shortened to Revere, and Beans, now called Riley Beans but more familiarly known as Bunny.)

Other cats I've had in my lifetime bore such names as the classic Mittens to the manic Hyper (she was a Maine Coon cat and not very hyper at all!, Brody, Sierra, Fuzz, Pedro, Quasimoto, Fantomas, Marty, Jason and Diego.

Among various kittens that passed through the house when I was growing up we had Crackerjack, Moxie, HooberBloop, Tribble, Tupper, Sooty, Coalie the Holy Terror, Ebony Pickers, Tubsy, Rhoda, Benny, New L'il Doodle (also called NoodleDoodle)...we tried not to pick ordinary cat names for them, but a name that suited heir personality.

Revere remains a mini celebrity at the vet- they love his name and think he's named for Paul Revere, or Revere Beach north of Boston...but he's Reverse with the 's' dropped! That's the story of his name.

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